A group of retired coaches would often meet for breakfast. In the fall of 2013, Lon McCasland and Ron Wooley met and decided to form an organization, which became the NCRCA, a non-profit organization. 

They realized that retired coaches could get together and become a source of help for the young people coming out of High School.  Any and all coaches would enjoy being a part of this group and it would be open to all regardless of the kind of sports they coached and at any level. 

Lon and Ron put together their list of goals and objectives for the newly formed group.  Since then the Retired Coaches Association has awarded over $140,000 in scholarships to students from a variety of North State schools.

GOALS of Nor-Cal Retired Coaches Association

  1. To become known throughout our communities as a group interested in community involvement and improvement.

  2. To identify graduating high school student athletes with financial assistance needs for post-secondary education.

  3. To establish credibility and name recognition for our Association among business, civic, and community leaders in our communities.

Our Objectives

  1. To raise funds for student athlete scholarships through charitable events.

  2. To develop a scholarship fund as a result of successful fund‐raising events.

  3. To explore additional fund‐raising events and to assist other worthwhile organizations with their community events.

  4. To promote Nor‐Cal RCA to other retired coaches in the area in an effort to grow the Association.

The RCA is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Tax ID # 47-5438605

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